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447 South Main Street, Hillsboro, Illinois, 62049

IL, Hillsboro Police Department

The Hillsboro Police Department operates under the principles of maintaining law and order, protecting life and property, and ensuring the safety and well-being of the community. The department reports to the City Manager and works in collaboration with other local law enforcement agencies.

The Hillsboro Police Department provides a range of services to the community, including responding to emergency calls, conducting investigations, enforcing traffic laws, and maintaining public order. The department also engages in community outreach programs to foster positive relationships with residents and promote crime prevention.

Hillsboro Police Department 447 South Main Street, Hillsboro, Illinois, 62049 Phone: 217-532-6129

How to Find Hillsboro Police Department Arrest Records

The Hillsboro Police Department is responsible for maintaining arrest records within its jurisdiction. Access to public arrest records in Hillsboro is permitted under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). This law allows residents to request and obtain public records, including arrest records, from government agencies.

When individuals are detained by the Hillsboro Police Department, they may undergo a booking process, which includes the collection of personal information, fingerprints, and photographs. Detained criminals may be held temporarily in the Hillsboro Police Department's holding facility or transported to other appropriate facilities, such as county jails or state prisons.

Residents who are interested in obtaining arrest records from the Hillsboro Police Department can submit a request in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the Illinois FOIA.

How to Find Hillsboro Police Department Jail Register

The Hillsboro Police Department works closely with the local courts and prisons in its jurisdiction. When a criminal is arrested, they may be transported to the appropriate court for arraignment and further legal proceedings. If the individual is convicted, they may be transferred to a county jail or state prison to serve their sentence.

To find out where a specific criminal has been transported, individuals can contact the Hillsboro Police Department directly. The department can provide information on the current location of the individual, including the court or correctional facility they have been transferred to.

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